Supported Individuals Zone

The lives of individuals we support

Meaning of individual

  • “A single person, especially when compared to the group or set to which they belong.”
  • “A person who thinks or behaves in their own original way.”

An individual approach

Every person ELCAP supports in an individual.

Our vision is that everyone, no matter what their individual support needs, is able to live to their full potential and be an active and valued member of our community.  That’s why our care and support is arranged around individual ambitions, needs, preferences and rights.

What works for one person may not work for another.

Our favourite things – colours, food, people and places – are personal to us.  We enjoy different hobbies and interests.  We like different music.  And the support we require to live good lives is unique to us.

ELCAP recognises that no two people are the same.  That’s why we take an individual approach to our care and support.

Working in partnership

The individuals we support are experts on their own lives.  We draw on that expertise to design high quality care and support which is suitable to their needs and enables them to lead rich and varied lives.

We work in partnership to ensure the individuals we support are in the driving seat and have choice and control over the things that matter to them.

Individuals’ stories

Karen’s story

“I got involved with ELCAP after I lost my mum.  I now look after my own home and I’m finding it fine.”

Like many individuals with support needs, Karen relied on her parents to help her meet the challenges of day-to-day living.  When Karen’s mum passed away, family members worried how she would manage.

Linda, who is Karen’s cousin, noted the progress she has made since then:

“When I talked about Karen with my sister, we felt that never in creation would she be able to live on her own.  She struggled to do things for herself.

I’ve seen a big change on the last couple of years.  She’s doing her own washing and ironing now and has been baking with the Support Practitioners.  She helps to cook her tea as well.”

Reflecting on her journey, Karen said:

“I enjoy cooking and baking.  I started doing these things when I took  on my home.  I’ve been trying all different foods.  Lasagne is one of my favourites.”

A member of Karen’s support team – also called Karen – reflected on the changes since support began in March 2018:

“At one time, Karen wouldn’t talk for herself.  She was very reserved.  Now we’re in competition to get a word in first when we meet people we know in our community.”

Linda agreed:

“Karen is a completely different person now.  She has come out of herself and her confidence is growing.  Her late mum’s friends see the change in her, and it’s for the better.”

Acknowledging the positive shifts in her life, Karen said:

“I am 51 now.  I’ve changed a lot since I began to get support. I’ve been walking a dog called Dora.  I love animals and I take her out twice a week.  She has helped me during lockdown.”

Asked what she likes best about ELCAP, Karen said:

“I enjoy seeing different Support Practitioners every day.”