Support in our community

Support in our community

ELCAP enables individuals affected by learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health problems to live better, more independent lives within our community.


  • Support individuals to manage or overcome challenges and lead rich and varied lives.
  • Tailor our support to the needs and wishes of the individuals we work with.
  • Identify the abilities, knowledge and skills of the individuals we work with and help them realise their potential.
  • Enable the individuals we work with to be as independent as possible and encourage them to play an active part in our community.
  • Collaborate with organisations which can help us make more of a difference to the individuals we work with.

Here’s what some people say about our community-based services:

“ELCAP provides an amazing team of carers for my cousin.  I cannot speak highly enough of their care, consideration and forward thinking.”

“I would like everyone to know that their selfless dedication to their clients is greatly appreciated.”

“The support is awesome. The carers are always on time, always smiling, and always have time to speak to the family.”

“We are very grateful to you and your amazing team for the work you are all doing.”