Rebecca appointed to new Community Coordinator post

Rebecca appointed to new Community Coordinator post

A warm ELCAP welcome to Rebecca Craig, who has been appointed to the post of Community Coordinator.

In what is a new role for the charity, Rebecca will have responsibility for ensuring that the individuals ELCAP supports are able to make the most of the activities and events available in our community.  In addition, she will make links with local organisations, encouraging them to ensure their opportunities are accessible and inclusive.

Rebecca shared her thoughts on why it is important for the individuals ELCAP supports to be active and valued members of our community:

“We all need to be and feel part of something.  Community involvement gives the individuals we support something to be excited by and to look forward to.

A sense of belonging and good connections with people who have something in common are essential.  Being involved in our community helps us get through difficult times, overcome challenges and improves our day-to-day lives.

By working with others, we can achieve things we didn’t think possible and make a difference to ourselves and our community.  We sometimes need to overcome barriers to participation, but when we do, we can enjoy the wonderful experiences that are right on our doorstep.”

Rebecca explained what excites her most about her new role:

“I want to meet more of the individuals our charity supports.  Before taking up this post, I was part of ELCAP’s team in Dunbar, so I’ve met only some of the individuals we work with.  I am excited by the opportunity to introduce myself and meet more people.

I want to be a helping hand as well as a leader when it comes to planning events.  I will go the extra mile to ensure the individuals we support get the best from our community, but everyone in ELCAP has a part to play.

I’m prepared and ready for the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead.  I’m approachable to everyone and I’m looking forward to developing this role and seeing where it takes me.”

Rebecca joined ELCAP in November 2020 and took up her new post on insert date.  She will combine her role as Community Coordinator with a part-time position as a Support Practitioner.

Welcoming Rebecca’s appointment, ELCAP’s Business Manager, Lara Ritchie, said:

“Our Board of Trustees prioritised the appointment of a Community Coordinator, so I’m delighted to have Rebecca on board.  I wish her every success in her new role.

While Rebecca’s main focus will be on the community activity of the individuals ELCAP supports, she will develop links with colleagues involved in similar work in East Lothian and Midlothian.”