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ELCAP Privacy Policy

Our stakeholders are really important to us and we believe that your experience of supporting the work of ELCAP should be a good one. That’s why we want to protect any personal information that you give to us.

We want to share the impact your support makes

We would love to share the stories of our ELCAP community and the amazing work that you make possible. If you would rather not hear from us, that’s ok – just let us know and we won’t contact you.

We promise to keep information we have safe

We will store any personal details you give us legally, safely and confidentially.

If you have a question, we will do our best to answer it

We will answer any questions you have about your data, our work and how we spend your donations as fully and transparently as we can

If you have a complaint we will listen and take action to try to resolve it

We hope that your experience of ELCAP will always be a positive one, but if for any reason you have a concern, email or telephone 01875 814114.

How we use your information

We understand that your information is personal and we will never ask for information we don’t need. We also promise never to pass your information to a third party unless we need to do so by law

Sometimes we will work with external companies to do things like mailing our newsletters or sending communications on our behalf and sometimes we need to use external sources to help us keep our information up to date.

Sometimes we will look at all the information we have and analyse it to try and build a picture of who supports us and why they are interested in ELCAP. We promise to always respect your privacy if we do this. You can request a copy of the data we hold on you at any time. For details of how to do this please read the privacy policy on our website or ask us to send you a paper copy.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know and if you don’t want us to write, phone or email you – get in touch with

You can request a copy of our document retention policy and procedure at any time.  This outlines in more detail the information that we hold on particular stakeholders.  If you require a copy of this policy and procedure, please email