Michael gets on his bike for Comic Relief

Michael gets on his bike for Comic Relief

Congratulations to Michael Nicholson, who used pedal power to raise more than £360.00 for Comic Relief.

Michael, who lives in Dunbar, got on his bike to raise funds for the charity, which has a vision of “a just world, free from poverty”.

On Saturday 1 May, Michael and two of his Support Practitioners, Andy Foster and Brian Innes, cycled nine miles from Haddington to Dunbar.  Reflecting on a successful event in perfect weather, Brian said:

“Michael caught the bike bug from weekly sessions at Tynebank Resource Centre.  He really enjoys cycling and we’re hoping to source a bike which Michael can use at home.

The idea of a charity fundraiser came from Andy.  We discussed Andy’s idea with the team and took things from there.”

The riders were accompanied on their route by Michael’s parents, Dougie and Georgie Nicholson, who drove behind the bike with their hazard lights on to ensure a safe journey.

Celebrating Michael’s achievement, Georgie said:

“I cannot thank the staff enough.  They did so well and worked so hard.  Michael loved doing something in the community.”

Car drivers who saw Michael and his team on the road showed their appreciation of his efforts by beeping their horns.  At the end of the journey, ELCAP colleagues had prepared a much needed buffet for the weary cyclists.  Georgie said:

“The team put on fabulous spread at the end.  Michael loves sausages and he must have had about fifteen by the time he was finished.”

Michael’s fundraising cycle went so well that it may become a regular event.

Anyone wishing to show their support for Michael and Comic Relief can do so by visiting:

Mike’s bike cycle for Comic Relief

Thanks to Andy and Brian for putting in the miles with Michael.  Thanks too to Caitlin Morrison, Daniel Foot, James Williams and Kathleen Cawley for getting behind Michael’s efforts and organising the buffet.

Appreciation too to Caitlin’s mum for encouraging local businesses to support Michael’s fundraising and to Dougie, Michael’s dad, for sharing some lovely photos from the day.