Janie MacAulay

Our colleague in the hot seat this month is Support Practitioner Janie MacAulay.

When did you join ELCAP and what were you doing before you joined?

I joined ELCAP in 2011. I previously was a Residential Home Manager for St Josephs Services based in Roswell. I initially trained there, then stayed 23 years.

What is a typical day at work like?

There is no typical day at work, this is what inspires me to work for ELCAP. It’s 100% service-led, so depending on each individual every day can be a very different experience.  Some of the routines can be led by health needs but there is a large emphasis put on social interaction and community presence.  The service users I support vary in age and what they enjoy doing in life. We encourage each individual to be very proactive in choosing what they want in their lives, be it menu planning,  shopping, outdoor activities, social gatherings, clubs or as some individuals choose 1 to 1 activities. Which could be dog walking, going to bingo, baking, knitting or support to maintain family contacts. The list is endless.

What’s the best thing about ELCAP?

On a personal basis is their conditions and pay for staff. For individual service users, it’s the matching team members with individuals and the recognition that continuity of teams helps the individuals feel secure to establish positive relationships to build their confidence and “be heard”.

And what could we improve?

This, I’m finding tough. Maybe offering teams to go on active team-building exercises. Outside services can offer these. Just a thought as I find very little at the moment to think of anything I  think needs any improvement.

What’s your favourite music?

I love Runrigg, the group. Their songs make me feel free and calm.  They are also Scottish.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.

Hard to surprise anyone at my age (52). I trained as a nurse and nursery nurse and battled and fought cancer. I like to say I won.

I choose to work because I want to and I came initially to ELCAP for a year or two. Nearly ten years later, I’m still here and hope to be for many more.

I’m also a Princess (that however is questionable) he he!