Thank you Frank Cunningham Resurfacing

Many thanks

Here at ELCAP head office in Prestonpans we experienced a water leak at the beginning of the year which had a huge impact on our access to the building.

We had plumbers from East Lothian Plumbing & Heating locate the leak and repair it however it created a huge hole in our driveway!

After approaching other businesses we secured Frank Cunningham Surfacing Contractors to come and fix this to make access to our building safe again.

Their excellent workmanship in replacing the tarmac in our drive was greatly appreciated by us.

Not only did they do a great job for us, they also waivered the fee for this, kindly recognising our charity and the work that we do.

Frank said “I appreciate how you and the rest of the workers at ELCAP work and I’m sure there is a lot more important people and things the money can be spent on instead of fixing the damaged driveway. I would imagine the last thing you need is an obstacle to dodge every time you are entering and leaving work this was a very simple and easy fix for us to carry out, compared to the hours and dedication and devotion all of your team put in to your work in the community, so thank you also.”

This thoughtful approach to their skilled business was gratefully received and we would highly recommend them should anyone require their expertise!

Thank you to Frank Cunningham and the guys who re-surfaced the damaged driveway.

Kind Regards

Lara Ritchie

Business Manager