ELCAP relates to Scottish Learning Disability Week

ELCAP relates to Scottish Learning Disability Week

We all need good people around us to help us live good lives and overcome the challenges which life throws at us. For individuals with learning disabilities, having the right support networks is even more important

For those reasons, ELCAP is pleased to participate in the Scottish Learning Disability Week, which will take place from 10 to 16 May.

The theme for this year’s Awareness Week is relationships and the importance of having other people in our lives, as colleagues, family, friends, neighbours or a romantic partner. Relationships matter!

We know that getting out and socialising can sometimes be more difficult for people with learning disabilities. This can lead to fewer opportunities to meet people and form relationships – something we should all have an equal opportunity to do.

To celebrate Scottish Learning Disability Week, ELCAP is calling on the individuals it supports to share photos of them with the important people in their lives. The photos, which should highlight the benefits of good relationships, should be sent to enquiries@elcap.org.

We will share the images on our Facebook page, using the hashtag #LDWeekScot2021.

Lynn Penman, a member of ELCAP’s Advisory Council and Executive Board, said:

“My boyfriend Colin, my family, my friends and my support staff are all important to me. They make me happy and they help me when I need help. I’d be lonely without them.”

The Scottish Commission for People with Learning Disabilities is hosting a series of events during the Awareness Week. A guide to what’s on is available via this link, with each day of the week having a specific theme:

  • Monday: Friendship
  • Tuesday: Sex
  • Wednesday: Challenges
  • Thursday: Family
  • Friday: Romance
  • Saturday: Social life
  • Sunday: Self-care

Looking ahead to Scottish Learning Disability Week, ELCAP Chief Executive, Paul White, said:

“Good relationships help us live to our full potential and be active and valued members of our community. That’s why we’re encouraging everyone in ELCAP to discuss what relationships mean to them.

If we can talk openly about the people in our lives and how we relate to them, we’re more likely to be able to understand what’s important to us and what matters to them.”

Possible themes for discussion include:

  • Different kinds of relationship.
  • The relationships we have on our lives.
  • Relationships that we would like to have in our lives.
  • The good things that different relationships can bring.
  • The problems that relationships can bring.

Visit our Facebook page between 10 and 16 May to follow our participation in Scottish Learning Disability Week.