ELCAP launches new branding and website

ELCAP has a bright, new look, thanks to distinctive and modern branding which reflects the spirit of our charity.

Our new logo is a combination of a heart and an infinity symbol.  It reflects our passion for making a real difference to the individuals we support and our commitment to working with them through thick and thin.

Our new colours – orange and gold – capture our energy and optimism and remind us of our mission to become the recognised gold standard in social care.

New branding and a new website mean a radical change of look for ELCAP.

ELCAP has adopted orange and gold as the colours which best reflect the organisation’s personality.  And a new logo combines a heart with the infinity sign to illustrate the charity’s approach to care and support.

Welcoming the changes, Chief Executive Paul White said:

“We’re delighted with our new branding and the way in which it captures the essence of ELCAP.  The orange in our new colour scheme reflects the enthusiasm and vitality of our organisation, while the gold illustrates our dependability and our mission to become the recognised gold standard in social care. Our new logo is a combination of a heart and the infinity symbol.  The heart reminds us of the compassion which underpins our work, while the infinity sign show our commitment to keep on caring. We hope everyone with an interest in ELCAP likes our new look.”

The new branding was developed by Brand Satellite, in consultation with working groups and ELCAP’s Public Relations and Marketing Committee.

Reflecting on the new website, which was developed by Roslin Design, White said:

“First impressions count and we wanted our website to provide an attractive and informative welcome to ELCAP.  Our new website includes more content than ever before, while it will be much easier to navigate, with specific zones for the individuals we support, families and supporters.”

Looking back on the process which led to the new branding and website, White said:

“It was really important for us to involve the individuals we support, staff and Board members in the refresh of our brand and the development of our branding. They are the people who know us best. With the benefit of their input, Giles Etherington from Brand Satellite quickly got to the heart of our organisation, applying his branding expertise to provide us with an exciting new look.  Roslin Design then produced a website which is beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. We really appreciate everyone’s efforts in getting us to this stage.”

We’d love to hear your thoughts on ELCAP’s new branding and website.