ELCAP and the future of adult social care

On 1 September 2020 the First Minister announced that there would be an Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland.

The purpose of the review is to recommend improvements to adult social care, with a focus on:

  • The outcomes achieved by and with people who use services, as well as their carers and families;
  • The experience of people who work in adult social care.

The review is taking a human rights based approach.

On 6 November, ELCAP shared its views on the future of adult social care with the review group.  The review is expected to report in January 2021.

You can read ELCAP’s submission here.

Reflecting on ELCAP’s response to the review, Chief Executive Paul White said:

“Our vision is that everyone, no matter what their individual support needs, is able to live to their full potential and be an active and values member of our community. That ambition lies at the heart of our submission, as does our passion for ensuring that ELCAP is a great place to work.”

If you have any comments or questions on our submission, please contact enquiries@elcap.org.