Eddie is a Haddington Hero

Eddie is a Haddington Hero

ELCAP Support Practitioner Eddie Paton has been recognised as a Haddington Hero by Haddington and District Community Council.

Eddie was nominated for the award by his wife Kimberley.  ELCAP caught up with Kimberley to find more about her previously unsung hero.

“Eddie always puts everyone before himself, he is a smiling, happy, positive person who brings the best out in others.

Since my injury in 2013, Eddie has been my carer, in addition to working in his full-time job, volunteering and fundraising. He is non-stop and makes the most of every single day.

Whilst at work Eddie always tries to find ways to involve the people he supports in their local community, whether it’s a walk through the high street, playing outside in the autumn leaves or arranging a barbecue for the people he supports and their staff.

Eddie has always loved working in the care profession, he puts his all into the job, going above and beyond and treating people the way he would want to be treated.

Throughout COVID, he carefully followed the guidelines from ELCAP and the government.  He never took any risks and did everything he could to keep safe the people he supports, his colleagues and his family.

During the last few years Eddie has helped to raise some much-needed funds for various organisations such as the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland, ELCAP and Scottish Autism

Eddie cares deeply about everything, including his work and his community.  He treats everybody with so much kindness and respect.”

Kimberly reflected on the special difference Eddie had made to her family:

“My dad Roddy passed away very suddenly on March 26 2021.  He had a rare type of brain haemorrhage, aged just 63.  Eddie was our rock and I honestly believe he’s the reason we all made it through those first few months.

As a family, we had always been incredibly close.  My parents had been together for 48 years, they both absolutely loved Eddie and he was especially close to my dad, who had always been my best friend.  Losing my dad was just devastating for us all, including Eddie who talked to him every single day.

But Eddie took charge and made sure that we were all still functioning.  He started a GoFundMe appeal to pay for my dad’s funeral costs, so that my mum didn’t have to worry about anything like that.   He raised over £2500 and he was there for all of us, making sure that we didn’t fall apart.  He did all of this while still working through COVID.

Eddie is a hero who loves Haddington, his community and everyone in it. To us, he is a Haddington hero.”

ELCAP Chief Executive, Paul White, said:

“Congratulations to Eddie on being recognised for the difference he makes to our community.

One of ELCAP’s values is to go the extra mile.  Eddie has done just that, putting his shoulder to the wheel for the people of Haddington, while changing lives for the better as an ELCAP Support Practitioner.”