Allan Sinclair – sadly missed

We are sad to report the passing of Allan Sinclair, who died on Hogmanay after a short illness at the age of 71.

Allan’s early years were spent with his parents in Rutherglen but he lived in Tranent during the time ELCAP knew him.

ELCAP’s vision is that everyone, no matter what their individual support needs, is able to live to their full potential and be an active and valued member of our community. Allan achieved that aim in style.

Music and dancing were passions for Allan. He had a great collection of CDs and enjoyed choosing a new one each week when he was out shopping. Allan enjoyed a wide range of music and took great pleasure in sharing his tastes with others. His favourite band was Showaddywaddy, a group best known for cover versions of rock ‘n roll songs from the 1950s and 60s.

Allan enjoyed sport, attending Prestonpans and District Disabled Bowls Club and travelling to different parts of the country with his bowling friends. He was a great player, always delighted when he won a trophy.

During the summer, Allan enjoyed pitch and putt in Musselburgh, before rounding off his morning with lunch or a cup of coffee. Allan was runner-up in ELCAP’s recent “Our Community” photo competition. Fittingly, his photo showed him enjoying the highs and lows of life on the golf green.

Allan Sinclair

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Allan enjoyed travel, in the company of his cousins or with his support team. His outings included trips to Balmoral, Loch Katrine, Stirling and Preston.

Allan’s visit to Loch Katrine was supposed to involve a boat trip, but as he wasn’t too keen on boats, he was quite happy when the ship sailed without him. He enjoyed coffee and cake instead, at a local garden centre. Allan’s trip to Preston was made especially memorable when a dog ate his slippers.

A fan of classic British films, Allan enjoyed the Carry On series, as well as James Bond movies.

Very much part of his community, Allan was a well-kent face in Tranent. A typical day would involve a trip down the street for his magazines, mint sweeties and papers, followed by a visit to Whispers Lounge Bar for a chat, a coffee and an occasional game of pool. In his younger days, Allan collected glasses in the New Plough Inn.

On Sundays, Allan attended Tranent Parish Church, where he enjoyed more coffee and more chat with his friends. As he returned home, Allan would take half the biscuits home for safekeeping.

Allan took a great pride his appearance. He loved to dress well, wearing a bowtie or tie and often a waistcoat. He enjoyed polishing his shoes and seeing the shine on them. He liked to wear segs on his heels, enjoying the clip-clopping sound as he made his way to church.

Everyone who worked with Allan remembers his good manners and his kind, sweet nature.

Staff who worked with Allan recall him making his breakfast, poring a coffee for them too and covering the cup with a coaster to keep it warm. They remember how he would enjoy his soap operas in the evening, watching Coronation Street and Emmerdale with a bar of chocolate and a can of juice. And they remember how everyone in the community knew Allan, who would greet people with a polite “good morning” and a shake of the hand.

Describing him as one of life’s true gentlemen, a member of Allan’s support team said:

“I know for sure that every time I hear Beyoncé I will think of Allan and smile.”

Another colleague, who worked with Allan for more than 10 years, said:

“He brought a little bit of sunshine to everyone he met.”

Allan will be sadly missed, but fondly remembered by everyone who knew him.

Thanks to Alanna Baillie, Naomi Jenkins, Lisa Mackay, Karen Ross, Janette Statham, Evelyn Stevenson and Janice Wheelan for their support for Allan and for sharing their memories of him.