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ELCAP is a Scottish charity which provides care and support for individuals who are affected by learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health problems.

ELCAP History

Our history

ELCAP was established in 1989. We became a company limited by guarantee in March 1989 and a charity in January 1991.

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is that everyone, no matter what their individual support needs, is able to live to their full potential and be an active and valued member of our community.

Our vision, mission and values

Meet the team

ELCAP has over 300 staff, which makes us one of the larger employers in our area. Our colleagues range in age from 18 to 71. Their average length of service is seven years.

ELCAP History


ELCAP uses a quality framework which enables an integrated approach to quality management and improvement.